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The content your looking for is still online - however with the updates to our new online system the direct link to our profiles have changed.  We are working on automatically redirecting all 1600+ profiles links however for now  we recommend using our LIBRARY SEARCH tool  to find the information you're after.


The Harrower Collection  ( research consists of Medals, Memorial Plaques, Awards, Badges and Australian Military and Family Historical information to the men of the 33rd 34th 35th and the 36th Battalion's during World War 1. (9th Infantry Brigade) .

This amazing online database collated by David Harrower contains over 1600 individual profiles of the men who served during World War 1.  This research has been collected over years by David himself with various contributions from members of public.

The Harrower Collection database is continually growing and as a means of funding this amazing research we have restructured the previous website into a fast, easy to understand and fully searchable online database that gives users much more freedom of browsing.

  • You can type into our library search any key terms or raises to locate appropriate content,
  • You can visit the landing page for each of the battalions via our LIBRARY menu item and browser / search for information there.   Each landing page has a listing of all research done in that particular area.
  • All pages are set out in a consistent manner so this makes it is easy to read, to find and to understand.

How do I access the database?

To Access this database you'll need to SIGN UP for a membership - memberships are paid using secure payments through PayPal and all funds raised from membership go back into funding more research and growing this amazing library.


Additionally for those considering signing up - David offers each person who signs up the ability to request research be done on their behalf as a part of their membership fee. To learn more about this please contact us here