Private: Norman Gilbert THOM.

Sydney University Scouts

Private: Norman Gilbert THOM.

Born:  1899. Balmain North, New South Wales, Australia. Birth Cert:1160/1899.

Married: 1923. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Marriage Cert:12958/1923.

Wife: Henrietta Stewart Thom. nee: Dreyers.

Died:  1970. St Leonards, New South Wales, Australia. Death Cert:19497/1970.

Father: William Stronach Thom.

Mother: Bertha Catherine Emily Thom.


Norman Gilbert Thom possibly served with the Sydney University Scouts but there are no records that indicate that he served with the AIF during World War 1. He quite possibly tried to or enlisted but was discharged as medically unfit and therefore there are no Embarkation nor Nominal Rolls of service.

Beyond 1914 has a pencilled annotation in their original Book of Remembrance (1928-ish) that he was a Uni student and was  suspected of being in the SUScouts

(Ken Stevenson; March 2018)

Seems that he didn't serve in WW1. There are newspaper articles showing he went for Engineering at Sydney University in 1917 and gained a pass in his Bachelor of Engineering in 1921.

(Bill Durrant; March 2018)

Army Website.

The University Volunteer Rifle Corps was raised on the 17th of November 1900, as part of the colonial Military Forces of New South Wales. In 1903, the UVRC changed its name to the Sydney University Scouts and the establishment had by then doubled to two rifle companies. When universal conscription was introduced in 1911, the Scouts numbers increased and it became a militia battalion.

On the outbreak of the Great War, over sixty percent of the Scouts enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force (AIF). Members of the Scouts served widely within the AIF. In mid 1918 a University Company was
recruited from students at the University of Sydney for active service in the AIF. The war ended before it mobilised for service.

In 1927 the Scouts were renamed the Sydney University Regiment.

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