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Private: 2410 Hubert “Herbert” James TENNANT.

Medals and pay books to Hubert James Tennant


Private: 2410 Hubert "Herbert" James TENNANT.

Born: 1897. Gunnedah, New South Wales, Australia. Birth Cert:22168/1897.


Wife: nee:.

Died:1967. Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Death Cert:22580/1967.

Father: Patrick Joseph Tennant. (18..-1961) Died at Newcastle, N.S.W. Death Cert:25453/1961.

Mother: Sarah Lydia Tennant. nee: Ferrier. (1877-28.12.1942) Born at Tamworth, N.S.W. Birth Cert:20981/1877 and died at Mayfield, N.S.W. Death Cert:28027/1942.


Hubert James Tennant served with the 13th Infantry Militia prior to enlisting at Narrabri, N.S.W. on the 1st June 1916 where he was allocated to the 4th Reinforcements, 34th Battalion AIF. Herbert was en trained to the Rutherford Army Camp where strenuous training was carried out. The men were very keen and fit, whilst their comfort and health were made a special study. Food was good and ample and sports and recreation were not overlooked.

Maitland Camp at Rutherford 1916


On the 16th October 1916 the 4th Reinforcements en trained from Farley Station for Sydney where they embarked on board HMAT A 30 "Borda" from Finger Wharf at Wooloomooloo Bay, Sydney on the 17th of October for England and disembarked at Plymouth on the 9th January 1917. The 4th Reinforcements were marched in to the Durrington Amy Camp at Larkhill with the 9th Training Battalion. Here the Reinforcements settled down to hard training, which included Route Marching, Trench Digging, Bomb Practice, Musketry and General Camp Routine.

Hubert proceeded overseas for France via Folkstone on the 25th April and went into billets before being marched out to the lines where he was Taken on in Strength with the 34th Battalion on the 30th of April.

19th May 1917.

Le TOQUET Runners getting plenty of work, one runner blown to pieces bringing confirmation of S.O.S. enemy came over about 200 strong in 3 waves. Lieutenant: 1118 William Wright EDMONDS. on duty sent up S.O.S. and out artillery barrage came down at once and caught enemy's rear lines. Five Bosche got into our trench but were immediately killed. Our Lewis Guns caught them in NO MANS LAND playing great havoc. Estimated we killed 25 to 30 Bosche and we also took one hundred wounded prisoners. Lieutenant: 1118 William Wright EDMONDS.recommended for M.C. for his work. One Lewis Gun continued firing after being bombed and losing 4 of the team. Lieutenant: 717 Benjamin Greenup BRODIE. scouted NO MANS LAND and found several dead Bosche and various odds and ends he collected altogether abour 12 identifications.

20th May 1917.

Relieved by 36th Battalion and went into Billets at Pont de Nieppe.

21st May 1917.

Enemy shelled Pont de Nieppe, several civilians hurt.

22nd May 1917.

Nothing doing, men having a rest.

23rd May 1917.

9:00 pm. Moved into Billets in Ploegsteert Wood and took over from 37th Battalion. Relief completed at 3:00 am. Our guns have been strafing the Germans all night.

24th-25 May 1917.

Our artillery very active on these two days, various wire cutting shoots out by 4.5 and 18 pounders, also gas shells.

26th May 1917.

9:00 pm. Relieved by 33rd Battalion in Front Line and wire relieved by 35th Battalion.

27th May 1917.

Our Trench Mortars very active on enemy gaps, wire etc also "L"Group artillery fired 1400 rounds on enemy communication supports. 38th Battalion raided enemy, put over 200 strong.

28th May 1917.

Our Trench Mortars again smashed up enemy wire and trenches, 33rd Battalion raided enemy with good results

29th May 1917.

9:00pm. Releived by 35th Battalion and went back to Ploegsteert.

30th-31st May 1917.

PLOEGSTEERT WOOD Artillery of both sides very active, particularly during parts of the night when our 60 pounders and 6" Howitzers put it over the enemy. Out Trench Mortars and Medium Trench Mortars bombarded enemy front and support lines.

Hubert was Wounded in Action; 1st occasion on the 30th of May and was treated by the 10th Australian Field Ambulance for Gas Poisoning before being transferred to the 55th Casualty Clearing Station the next day. After treatment Hubert was transferred to the 1st Australian General Hospital at Rouen on the 9th of June and after being discharged he was transferred to base Details and rejoined his unit from Hospital on the 10th July and went into the lines with his platoon.


11 July 1917.

2am : Relieved 43rd Bn. A.I.F. in Close Support Messines Sector (RIVER DOUVE to STIGNAST FARM -Belgium). Brigade relief. Supplied working parties while in Supports. We were at times subjected to fairly severe enemy shell fire while in Close Supports. Casualties from 11.7.17 to 17.7.17 were 34 including 6 killed.

34th Battalion War Diary.

On the 16th July Hubert was Wounded in Action; 2nd occasion when he received a Gun Shot Wound to his Foot. (Self Inflicted) and was treated by the 10th Australian Field Ambulance before he was transferred to the 47th General Hospital at Rouen the next day. After Hubert was discharged from Hospital he was classified "B3" by the 2nd Medical Base Board (Self-Inflicted Wound) and was marched out to the Australian Infantry Base Depot at Havre on the 6th November 1918.

Hubert was transferred to England on the on the 30th November and disembarked at Southampton and was marched in the the No:2 Command Depot at Weymouth. Hubert left England on board H.T."Leicestershire" on the 9th December disembarking at Melbourne on the 22nd of January before he was discharged from the A.I.F on the 22nd March 1919 as Medically Unfit.

Pay Books belonging to Hubert Tennant

Pay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantPay Books to Hubert James TennantMedals to Hubert James TennantThis entire collection was purchased from the lindsay Mears Collection in 2016 and is now in the Harrower Collection.

Moree War MemorialMoree War Memorial


Family Information

Hubert was a single 18 year old Labourer from Moree, N.S.W. upon enlistment. His parents Patrick Joseph and Sarah Lydia Tennant were married in 1894 at Boggabri, N.S.W. Marriage Cert: 2567/1894. Alma Tennant born 1895 at Boggabri, N.S.W. Birth Cert:30664/1895. Hubert James Tennant born 1897 at Gunnedah, N.S.W. Birth Cert:22168/1897 and died 1967 at Newcastle, N.S.W. Death Cert:22580/1967. Catherine A Tennant born 1899 at Narrabri, N.S.W. birth Cert:23186/1899. John Patrick Tennant born 1901 at Boggabri, N.S.W and died 1959 at Wallsend, N.S.W. Death Cert:12201/1959. Keith W Tennant born 1902 at Gunnedah, N.S.W. Birth Cert:32076/1902. Theresa M Tennant born 1904 at Gunnedah, N.S.W. Birth Cert:12691/1904. Arthur J Tennant born 1907 at Gunnedah, N.S.W. Birth Cert:13786/1907. Harvey Francis Tennantborn 1912 at Gunnedah, N.S.W. Birth Cert:4798/1912 and died 1977 N.S.W. Death Cert:10787/1977. Phyllis P Tennant born 1913 at Gunnedah, N.S.W. Birth Cert:16311/1913.Thomas Tennant died 1968 at Newcastle, N.S.W. Death Cert:43292/1968. Keith William Tennantdied 1903 at Gunnedah, N.S.W. Death Cert:1890/1903. Edna C.M. Tennant died 1910 at West Wallsend, N.S.W. Death Cert:2118/1910. Patrick William Tennant died 1984 N.S.W. Death Cert:101350/1984.

Sandgate CemeteryPatrick Joseph Tennant was buried at Sandgate Cemetery on the 13th September 1961, Catholic Section 63, Lot: 88 with his wife Sarah Lydia Tennant who was buried on the 29th December 1942.