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Lieutenant: Percy Muir DUN. M.C. and Bar.  M.M. 35th Battalion.
A Sergeant:3105A William Scott Murray FINDLAY. 35th Battalion.  "Grand Order of ODDFELLOWS"
Private: 3304 Frank William GIBSON. 34th Battalion.  "LODGE TEMORA No:97"
Sergeant: 1162 Cyril Redford HANCOCK. 33rd Battalion. WW1 8th Garrison Battalion WW2.
Private: 2188 James HEFNER. 35th Battalion.   "LODGE ROYAL OAK No:9"
Private: 786 Henry (Clem) HILL. 36th Battalion.
Lieutenant Colonel. Grantley Andrew Hillier HOLBOROW. 35th Battalion.
Private: 1983 Alan James MATHER. 33rd Battalion.
Extra Regimental Sergeant: 2155 Herbert Harris SHAW. Kings Colonial Imperial Yeomanry. 35th Battalion.
Lieutenent: 3132 Harold Steinfeld SUSMAN. 33rd Battalion.
Private: 1271 Oliver John WRIGHT. + 35th Battalion.

King's Colonials Lodge. The Kings Colonial Imperial Yeomanry. The Regiment was disbanded in March 1924, and both it and its comrades' association have ceased to exist. However, in 1909 the Regiment officially sanctioned and formed a regimental masonic lodge, the King's Colonials Lodge No 3386, in London. As the number of surviving members of the closed regiment dwindled, they opened membership of the regimental Lodge to all interested persons, and passed all regimental traditions to the Lodge. The Worshipful Master of the Lodge has an official entitlement to wear the regimental tie (now the only living person with that entitlement), and the Lodge became the custodians of all regimental property, including regimental silver valued at many thousands of pounds. The Lodge continues to function, and to maintain regimental traditions. The regimental property is stored by the Lodge in a secure vault at Haileybury College. The Lodge continues to tend regimental graves, and to lay wreaths at the regimental memorials in London and France.

Australian Squadron, Kings Colonial Imperial Yeomanry. 1902-1907.

(Photo; courtesy Peter Nemaric. 2013)


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