39th Fortress Company Engineers. (Fort Scratchley, Newcastle)

2nd lt Henry Cadell, 39th Fortress Garrison.

39th FORTRESS COMPANY ENGINEERS. (Fort Scratchley, Newcastle)

Pre Word War One

"Compulsory Military Training Scheme that was introduced in 1910, which was directly responsible for expanding the Citizens Forces by up to 50 percent in the three years prior to the outbreak of World War I. Undoubtedly, the scheme proved to have numerous benefits, as many of these youths went on to serve in the First AIF during World War I and the expanded organisation allowed citizens forces officers more experience in commanding formed bodies of men. However, it was the main factors contributing to the decision to recruit the AIF on the basis of voluntary enlistment. Because the army in 1914 was largely made up of young men aged between 19 and 21 who had been enlisted under this scheme, and due to the provisions of the Defence Act that precluded sending conscripts overseas, upon the outbreak of the war it was necessary for the Australian Government to raise a separate force, outside of the Citizens Forces organisation for service overseas."


2nd Lieutenant: Henry Charles Dight CADELL.Newcastle, N.S.W. 39th Fortress Company. (Electrical Engineer)

Private: 1295 Arthur JONES. Merewether, N.S.W. 39th Fortress Company. (Apprentice Plumber)

Private: 3094 John MOSS N.S.W. 39th Fortress Company. (Electrician)

Private: 584A Reginald John TURNER. Newcastle, N.S.W. 39th Fortress Company.


On the 15th October 1921, past and present members gathered at Waye’s Café for a reunion and the unveiling of the Newcastle 39th Fortress Company, Australian Engineers' Roll of Honour.
This magnificent honour board has been inscribed with 78 names of those who had enlisted and served in The Great War, with 8 designated as paying the supreme sacrifice.
(Gary Mitchell: October 2019)


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