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Ms Kerrie ALEXANDER: N.S.W. Australia. Private: 1873 Samuel ALEXANDER. 34th Bn A.I.F.

Mr Ian ANDERSON: N.S.W. Australia. Grandson of Sergeant: 929 Alexander ANDERSON. 34th Bn A.I.F.

Mr Scott ARTHUR: Kotara, N.S.W. Australia.Lieutenant: Alfred Gordon FARLEIGH. M.C. M.I.D. 33rd/34th Bn AIF.  Captain: Charles John DOIG 36th/33rd Bn AIF.  Captain: Thomas William TOLLIS 33rd Bn AIF.

Mr Mark BARLOW: N.S.W. Great Nephew of Private: 2173 Valentine Frederick IDSTEIN. 35th Bn AIF.

Mr Gordon BENDEICH: Life Member of the Lake Macquarie & District Historical Society inc. Private: 2421 Leslie CLOUTEN. 35Bn AIF.

Mr Rod BLACKIE: N.S.W. Grandson of Private: 2037 Andrew Jack BLACKIE. 34th Bn AIF.

Ms Sharon CAPES: N.S.W. Australia. Grand Daughter Private: 723 Samuel John CAPES. 33rd Bn AIF. (Aboriginal, Anaiwan)

Mr Rod CARPENTER: Callala Bay, N.S.W. Australia. Grandson of Private: 1100 Arthur CARPENTER. M.M. 33rd Bn AIF

Mr Bob CORNWELL: Cessnock, N.S.W. Australia. Great Nephew of Private: 13 Stanley Alexander ANDERSON. 35th Bn AIF.

Mrs Yvonne CURREN: nee: Dwyer, N.S.W. Australia. Granddaughter of Lieutenant: 60 William Melville DWYER. 34th Bn AIF.

Mr Bob DOHERTY: Queensland, Australia. Great Grand Nephew of Lance Corporal: 149 James PANWICK. 34th Bn AIF.

Mr John DONOVAN: Norwood, South Australia. Son of Lieutenant: 759 Jeremiah "Jerry" DONOVAN. D.C.M.   M.M. 35th Bn AIF.

Mr Ryan DUDLET: Australia. Grandson of Private: 1640 Frederick John DUDLEY. 35th Bn - 9th LTMB AIF.

Mr Raben DUNBAR: Canberra, Australia/Indonesia. Private: 2035 John BEECH. 34th Bn AIF. @ Private: 1533 John DUNBAR. 13th Bn AIF.

Mr Bill DURRANT: Military Researcher: Queensland, Australia.

Lieutenant: Henry Maxwell COLYER. 36th BN AIF Killed in Action.

Lieutenant: 4845 Glyn Alexander DAVIES. No:1 Garrison Hospital - 34 BN AIF.

Lieutenant: 2093 Owen Bruce KIRBY. 36th BN AIF Killed in Action.

2nd Lieutenant: 817 Leslie Herbert IRWIN. 35th BN - Australian Flying Corps.

C.Q.M.S: 4 Harold Leslie DUCKWORTH. 3rd Div HQ - 34th BN AIF.

Sergeant: 581 David Gulian WEINBERG. @ Julian ORLOV. 34th BN AIF

Corporal: 2932 Ralph Oswald KIRBY. M.M. 36th BN AIF Killed in Action.

Corporal: 970 Donald Cranston MURRAY. 33rd BN AIF. 

Lance Corporal: 78 Alfred George GARDNER. 33rd BN AIF.

Lance Corporal: 2587 Edward Roy HUNT. 34th BN AIF.

Driver: 49 Ernest Morris HUGHES. 9th MGC. AIF. Son of Prime Minister of Australia. William "Billy" Hughes.

Private: 2520 Frederick James ALBERT. 36th BN AIF

Private: 4410 Thomas Bellinger DOEPEL. 35th BN AIF.

Private: 412 Thomas DIX. 35th BN AIF. 

Private: 1889 John (Jack) Thomas DUNGEY. 36th-34th BN AIF.

Private: 3388 John Stuart DYCE. 56th-36th BN AIF.

Private: 2575 Charles EATON. 35th BN AIF

Private: 1120 Edwin FENWICK. 35th BN AIF.

Private: 1653 Henry GOODA. + 36th BN AIF.

Private: Edward Thomas James HALL. 33rd-35th BN AIF.

Private: 1813 Ernest Arthur HATTER. 56th-35th BN AIF.

Private: 451 Richard HERBERT.  35th BN AIF. (Prisoner Of War) 

Private: 1277 Frank Clyde HOWARD. + 34th BN AIF

Private: 512 Charles Harold McCARTHY. + 36th BN AIF.

Private: 2633 Claude Austin McKAY. 35th BN AIF.

Private: 1163-14 Donald Gordon McLEOD 1st BN AIF - 9th Infantry Brigade Headquarters.

Private: 152 John George METCALFE. 35th BN AIF.

Private: 2848 Harold Foster MOORE. 35th BN AIF.

Private: 2374 Peter NOLAN. + 34th BN AIF.

Private: 2653 Alexander (Accy) Thomas Nicholson ROSS. 36th BN AIF.

Private: 1236 David William SKIMMINGS. 36th BN AIF

Private: 1239 Thomas William SMITH. 36th BN AIF.

Private: 6688 Edward WILLIAMS. + 18th-35th BN AIF

Ms Jenny ELLIS-NEWMAN: Perth, Western Australia. Private: 173 Thomas John SCHAEFER. 33rd Bn AIF.

Mr Steven FAULDS: N.S.W. Australia. Great Grand Nephew of Private: 41 Alfred COOMBES. 34th Bn AIF.

Ms Lise FIELDHOUSE: Australia. Western Australia. Great Granddaughter Warrant Officer I, Regimental Sergeant Major. 1 Charles Edward FIELDHOUSE. 33rd Infantry BN.

Ms Lisa FOSTER: N.S.W. Australia. Extra Regimental Sergeant: 1413 Thomas MCCORMICK. 35th-33rd Bn AIF.

Ms Deb FRIEND: nee: Little. N.S.W. Australia. Granddaughter and Great Granddaughter of Lance Sergeant: 471 William Albert LITTLE 33rd Bn AIF.   Private: 475 John LITTLE 33rd Bn AIF.

Mr Frank GARDINER: Eastleigh, England. Private: 2035 John BEECH. 34th Bn AIF.

Mr Heath GILBERT: Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, U.S.A. Grandson by marriage of Lieutenant: 10480 Robert "Bob" WIGHT. 34th Bn AIF.

Ms Joan HICKEY: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Daughter in Law of Private: 2337 James HICKEY. 33rd Bn AIF.

Mrs Dawn JACKSON: Pelican, N.S.W. Australia. Donor Private: 817 Reginald Lyons DONKIN. 1st Bn AIF. (ANZAC)

Mr Barry JENSEN: Orange, N.S.W. Australia. Grandson of Lieutenant: William Barrington ROTHERY. 345th Bn AIF. Contributor Captain: 717 Benjamin Greenup BRODIE. 34th Bn AIF.

Mrs Wendy JOHNSON: nee: Dwyer, N.S.W. Australia. Grandaughter of Lieutenant: 60 William Melville DWYER. 34th BN AIF.

Mr Michael JOHNSTON: Mona Vale, N.S.W. Australia. Private: 7766 Harold TRICKETT. Lancheshire Fusileers. (P.O.W)

Mrs Joy KELLY: Sussex Inlet, N.S.W. Australia. Private: 2301 Leslie Spencer George FIELD. 36th Bn AIF.

Mr Wayne LAYCOCK: N.S.W Australia. Grandson of Lance Corporal: 2073 Claude Henry HOWARD. M.M. 33rd BN AIF.

Ms Leigh LEMAY: N.S.W. Australia. Great Great Neice of Private: 88 Charles John GOULD. 35th Bn AIF.

Mr Adrian LIPSCOMB: Urunga, N.S.W. Australia. Nephew of Private: 2348 Eric John LIPSCOMB. 34th Bn AIF.

Mr Peter MACKENZIE: Westbury, Tasmania. (Contribution) Lieutenant: 348 John Percy Westbrook BRADFORD. 40th/36th/33rd Bn AIF.

Mr John MAUGHNAN: Wollongong, N.S.W. Australia. Grandson of Lance Sergeant: 2405 Neil Robert SUTHERLAND 35th Bn AIF.

Mr Randal McFARLANE: N.S.W. Australia. Great Nephew of Private: 5073 Frederick Singelton MARTIN. 33rd Bn AIF.

Mr Jim McINERNEY: son of Corporal: 835 James McINERNEY. 36th/34th Bn AIF.

Mr Robert McLELLAN: Bronte, N.S.W. Australia. Private: 2323 William Henry Alfred HINDS.  Lieutenant: 10617 Sidney MUDDLE. 33rd Bn AIF.

Mrs H.B MILNE: Caves Beach, N.S.W. Sapper: 4/1090 Ernest Alfred MILNE. N.Z.E.F (ANZAC)

Ms Annette MILL: Corporal: 1651 Issac James WILLOUGHBY. M.M 34th Bn AIF.

Mr Gary MITCHELL: Woodrising, N.S.W.  Researcher (Donation) Lance Corporal: 2597 John Henry JOHNSTON.  Lance Corporal: 1265 Ernest James WHEATLEY. 34th Bn AIF.

Captain: John Lovelock FRY 35th-33rd Bn AIF. 

Sergeant: 1065 Claude William BECK 35th Bn AIF.

Sergeant: 1918 Francis James KELLAWAY. 36th Bn AIF.

Lance Corporal: 388 Charles Augustus CLARKE. 35th Bn AIF.

Lance Corporal: 2598 Stanley Lloyd HACKWORTHY. 35th Bn AIF.

Private: 1283 William Alexander BISSON. 36th Bn AIF.

Private: 1115 Walter James ELL. 35th Bn AIF.

Private: 443 Austin Vincent GARVEN. 35th Bn AIF.

Private: 2566 William James GRIFFITHS. 33rd BN AIF

Private: 1936A John Leslie JORDAN. 34th Bn AIF.

Private. Robert Peter McQUEEN. 35th Bn AIF.

Private: 520 Harry "Henry" PEASE. 35th Bn AIF.

Private: 1942 William Robert James SCOTT. 34th BN AIF.

Mr Bob MOORE: (Contribution) Lieutenant: 559 Edward Allen TURNBULL. 33rd Bn AIF. World War 2. Private: 2569 Arthur Francis FAHEY. 34th Bn AIF.

Mr Barry MORGAN: N.S.W. Great Nephew of 2nd Lieutenant: 2036 Vere "Vic" Cumming STEVENSON. M.M. 34th Bn AIF.

Janet MORRISEY: Wollongong West N.S.W. Great Granddaughter of Corporal: 835 James McINERNEY. 36th/34th Bn AIF.

Mr Lance MUNN: Muswellbrook, N.S.W. Australia. Private: 2826 Herbert Clarence MATE. 35Bn AIF.  Private: 539 Thomas William JUPP. 34th Bn AIF.

Mr Michael PARKINSON: Maitland, N.S.W. Australia. Great Nephew of Private: 1219 Percy John PARKINSON. 35th BN AIF.

Mr Mark PARR: N.S.W. Australia. Lieutenant: Richard Henry DOYLE 36th Bn AIF.

Ms Alisa PATERSON: Trinity Beach QLD, Australia. Granddaughter Sergeant: 1286 Michael NEYLON. 34th Bn AIF. DONATION Private: 7518 Stanmore Robert Stace PLUMMER. 34th Bn AIF.

Ms Karen Roper PAYNE: N.S.W. Australia. Private: 2337 James HICKEY. 33rd Bn AIF. Great Niece of Private: 1236 Frederick Arthur ROPER. 33rd Bn AIF.

Mr Ian PHILLIPS: of Merseyside, United Kingdom. Great Nephew of Private: 542 Andrew PRESCOTT. M.M 36th Bn AIF

Mr Joe PURCELL: N.S.W. Australia. Grandson of Lieutenant: 530 James Allan PURCELL. M.C. 35th Bn AIF.

Ms Kathie RIETH: N.S.W. Australia. Private. 1511 Thomas BLACKWELL. M.M. 35th Bn AIF.

Mr Heath RICHARDSON, Newcastle, N.S.W. Great Grandson of Private: 912 Alexander WELLS. 34th Bn AIF.

Mrs. Janette ROSSI: France. Grandaughter of Private: 1166 James Liddle Lewis. 35th Bn AIF. President TPI Association Newcastle Branch.

Mrs. Tracey RUMBLE: nee: DWYER, N.S.W. Australia. Granddaughter of Private: 2793 Matthew McDonald DWYER. 36th/33rd Bn AIF.

Mrs Jennifer RYBER: Newcastle, N.S.W. Australia. Great Niece of Private: 35A Isaac BENTON. 35th Bn-3rd Pioneer Battalion AIF.

Mrs Megan RYMAN: N.S.W. Australia. Private: 1801 Albert Joseph CLARK. 34th Bn AIF.

Ms. Amalia SAMIOS: N.S.W. Australia. Great Grand Neice of Lance Corporal: 178 Moritz Johannes Doherty PETERSEN. 35th Bn AIF.

Mr Damien SARGANT: Cessnock, N.S.W. Australia. Researcher; Corporal: 1937A William LEDINGHAM. 34th Bn AIF

Mr Ross SARGANT: Cessnock, N.S.W. Australia. Private: 1112 Wilfred DENTON. 35th Bn AIF.

Mr Bob SAWYER: Ashtonville, N.S.W. Australia. Grandson of Private: 465 William Edwin KING. Great Nephew of Private: 467 George Thomas KING. and Private: 466 Reuben Herbert KING. 33rd Bn

Mr John SAYWELL: O.A.M. Vale Park, South Australia. Son of Private: 3379 Henry Burleigh SAYWELL. 36th-33rd Bn AIF.

Mr Mark SCOTT. N.S.W. Australia. Grandson of Private: 7532 Bertrand "Jack" John SCOTT. 13th-34th Bn AIF.

Mr James SEAFORTH: Australia. Lieutenent: 377 Thomas Henry BRITTON. M.C. 34th Bn AIF.

Miss Bev SNEDDEN: Astonfield, East Maitland, N.S.W. Australia. Donation and Contribution. Grandaughter of Lieutenant: 1422 James SNEDDEN. 34th Bn AIF.

Mrs Julie STAPLEHURST: Surry, England. Lieutenant: 224 Alexander Douglas CAMERON. 36th Bn AIF.

Chris STEEL. Australia. Sergeant: 903 Oswald Oliver STEEL. 35th Bn AIF.

Ms Robyn STEWART: Perth, Western Australia. Great Granddaughter of Warrant Officer 2: Samuel NORTHRIDGE 33rd Inf Bn AIF.

Mr Mark TODD: Australia. Great Nephew of Private: 3386 William Augustine TODD. 33rd Bn AIF.

Mrs June TOOZE: Elemore Vale, N.S.W. Australia. Granddaughter of Temporary Sergeant: 2133 Henry RANDALL. 35th Bn AIF.

Mr Mike TRIBE: Dorset, England. Grandson of Private: 884 Bertie Robert TRIBE.33rd Bn AIF,   Great Nephew of Private: 885 Frederick Richard TRIBE. 33rd Bn AIF.

Ms Elizabeth WATSON: Grand-Daughter Lieutenant: 1291 Albert Leslie WATSON. 34th Bn AIF.

Mr Mark WATSON: Grandson of Sergeant: 235 Bertram Lawrence WATSON. M.M. 35th Bn AIF.

Mr Brian WESTWOOD: Researcher, Toronto, N.S.W. Australia. Private: 7 Alfred Henry BAGULEY. 34th Bn AIF.  Private: 369 Ralph Henry BLACKETT. 34th Bn AIF.  Private:7101 Archie Hal MADDEN. 35th Bn AIF.  Private: 1800 Archibald Hamilton CAMPBELL. 34th Bn AIF.