Numerical List in Collection

Memorial Plaque and Medals to LT A DOWDING AIF


Chaplain 1st Class. Lieutenant Colonel: Frederick James MILES. D.S.O. - O.B.E. - M.I.D Baptist Minister. South Australia.

-Major: Edward Acton LLOYD. O.B.E. - M.I.D.4th Battalion-36th Battalion. Clerk, Sydney, N.S.W.

-Lieutenant: Henry George "Poddy" HAYMAN. 33rd Battalion. Assistant Manager, Newtown, N.S.W.

-Lieutenant: Eric Charles EDWARDS. 34th Battalion. Pastoralist, Gundagari. N.S.W.

-Lieutenant: William STEWART. 34th Battalion. Soldier, Hurstville, N.S.W.

-Warrant Officer 2: Samual NORTHRIDGE 33rd Infantry Battalion, N.S.W.

-Senior Cadet Sergeant: Stanley George CRAFT. 33rd Infantry Battalion, N.S.W. Senior Cadets.

-Senior Cadet: Alexander William AUBREY. 33rd Infantry Battalion, N.S.W. Senior Cadets.

1. Lieutenant: Harold James COLE. 36th 33rd Battalion. Driller, North Goulburn, N.S.W.

1. Warrant Officer 1: Charles Edward FIELDHOUSE. 33rd Infantry Battalion. Armidale. N.S.W.

3. Lieutenant: Harry WOODHAMS. 36th 33rd Battalion. Clerk, South Randwick. N.S.W.

3. Sergeant: Edward LOCKYER. 33rd Infantry Battalion. Armidale. N.S.W.

8. Private: Walter Thomas MARSHALL. 35th Battalion, Labourer, Newcastle, N.S.W.

11. Lance Sergeant: Francis Anthony ANGELINETTA. 36th Battalion. Glass Decorator, Marrickville, N.S.W.

19. Private: Albert BROWN. 34th Battalion. Labourer, Ellerston via Scone, N.S.W.

24. Lieutenant: Arthur Edward COLLINGS. 34th Battalion. Farmer, Glebe, N.S.W.

29. Temporary Warrant Officer 2: William Farley GLASS. 36th Battalion. Ironmonger, Ashfield, N.S.W.

33. Private: Ralph Albert ASH. 36th Battalion, Labourer, Alectown via Parkes, N.S.W.

38. Private: William Edward BRACHER. 36th Battalion. Ironmonger, Glebe Point. N.S.W.

61. Lieutenant: Cyril Osman EDWARDS. 34th Battalion. Surveyors Assistant from Goulburn, N.S.W.

69. Corporal: Harold William Francis FRAZER. 34th Battalion AIF. Labourer, Goodooga, N.S.W. (Muruwari People. Aboriginal)

103. Private: William HORNE. (A Company) 35th Battalion. Labourer, Killingsworth, N.S.W.

118. Private: John HORN. (A Company) 35th Battalion. Wheeler, Teralba. N.S.W.

134. Private: Ernest Sturley MOIRESON. 36th Battalion. Printer, Liverpool, N.S.W. (Fijian) ( ref: 7765. Temporary Sergeant: MOIRESON. 35th Battalion.)

142. Extra Regimental Warrant Officer 1: John McDONALD. 36th Battalion. Drapper, Neutral Bay, N.S.W.

149. Lance Corporal: James PANWICK. (A Company) 34th Battalion. Labourer, Gunnedah, N.S.W.

165. Sergeant: William James RICHMOND. 34th Battalion. Farmer, Gunnedah, N.S.W.

176. Private: Oscar Norman SMITH. 36th Battalion, Saddler, Gulgong, N.S.W.

178. Temporary Sergeant: Frederick SETH. 34th Battalion. Labourer, Roland's Plains, Port Macquarie, N.S.W.

178. Lance Corporal: Moritz Johanness Doherty PETERSEN. 35th Battalion. Labourer, Lambton, N.S.W.

189. Private: Cecil Bertram ROBSON. 35th Battalion. Railway Shunter, Marryville/Newcastle. N.S.W.

189. Private: Victor Reginald SHALDERS. M.M 33rd Battalion. Labourer, Dangersleigh near Armidale, N.S.W.

190. Private Frank THOMAS. 36th Battalion. Sheep Shearing Machine Expert, Woollahra, N.S.W.

220. Private: William Arthur TREAY. 35th Battalion. Labourer, Teralba. N.S.W.

236. Acting Corporal: Henry Thomas GOLDSMITH. 34th Battalion. Farmer/Stockeeper, Goldsville via Singleton, N.S.W.

241. Private: Harry CARR. 34th Battalion. Liftman, Weston. N.S.W

358. Private: Robert Aubery Roland BROWN. 33rd Battalion. Contractor, Cecil Plain via Moree, N.S.W.

373. Lieutenant: Albert DOWDING. + 34th Battalion. Leichardt, N.S.W.

379. Private: Wilfred Percy BULL. 35th Battalion. Labourer, Waratah, Newcastle. N.S.W.

388. Private: Charles Percy COULTON. + 34th Battalion. Wheeler, West Maitland. N.S.W.

389. Private: George COULTON. 34th Battalion. Coal Miner. West Maitland. N.S.W.

397. Lance Sergeant: Michael John COSTIGAN. 36th Battalion. Draper, Young, N.S.W.

429. Lance Corporal: John Edward HERMAN. 33rd Battalion. Labourer, Manilla, N.S.W.

438. Private: John GIBSON. + 34th Battalion. Coal Miner, East Greta, N.S.W.

439. Private: Denis O'CONNELL. N&MEF. Labourer, Lewisham, N.S.W (3692 Denis O'CONNELL) 36th Battalion.

447. Private: Henry James Hastings GIMBERT. 35th Battalion. Labourer, Wickham, N.S.W.

451. Private: Richard HERBERT. Labourer, 35th Battalion. Labourer, Wallsend, N.S.W. (Prisoner Of War)

456. Private: Alexander Roy HATCHER. 35th Battalion. Wheeler, Summer Hill/Branxton. N.S.W.

461. Private: Wilfred Walter GRAHAM. 36th-34th Battalion. Driver, Grenfell, N.S.W.

463. Private: Arthur Bernard JONES. 35th Battalion. Blacksmith Labourer, Miller's Forrest via Raymond Terrace, N.S.W.

466. Private: Reuben Herbert KING. 33rd Battalion. Farmer, Bingara, N.S.W.

480. Private: George Joseph JONES. 36th-54 Battalion. Coal Miner, Merewether, N.S.W.

506. Quarter Master Sergeant: Herbert Caldwell MACLEAN. 33rd Battalion. Grazier, Barrbara. N.S.W.

509. Private: Eugene Percy MACDONNELL. 35th Battalion. Clerk. Sydney. N.S.W.

517. Private: Leslie PATTERSON. 33rd Battalion. Labourer, Tamworth, N.S.W.

518. Captain: Alexander Warren MACDONALD. + 34th Battalion. Accountant, Neutral Bay, N.S.W.

543 Lewis-Gun Sergeant: Charles Sidney RUSSELL 33rd Battalion. Farm Labourer, Back Plain, Barraba, N.S.W.

550. Lance Corporal: Samuel Sydney SEINOR. 34th Battalion. Coal Miner, Kurri Kurri, N.S.W.

559. Lieutenant: Edward Allen TURNBULL. 33rd Battalion. Station Hand, Barraba, N.S.W.

561. Sergeant: Cyril SMITH. 35th Battalion. Railway Porter, West Wallsend, N.S.W.

580. Private: Joseph TODD. 36th Battalion. Farmer, Spring Creek, Young. N.S.W.

725. Private: John Henry CARTER. 33rd Battalion. Labourer, Boggabri, N.S.W.

735. Private: Hessel Oliver COOKE. (C Company) 34th Battalion. Linesman, Cooks Hill via Newcastle, N.S.W.

785. Sergeant: Arthur HILL.  ( C Company) 34th Battalion. Labourer, West Maitland, N.S.W.

787. Private: Richard HILL Jnr. + 34th Battalion. Labourer, Aberdare. N.S.W.

792. Private: James HASSETT. 35th Battalion. Carter, Hamilton, Newcastle, N.S.W.

809. Private: Robert JONES. + 34th Battalion. Coal Miner, Aberdare, N.S.W.

811. Private: Benjamin JOHNSON. Cessnock, N.S.W.

837. Private: Harold McFADYEN. 36th Battalion. Farmer, Wyalong, N.S.W.

851. Private: William Arthur PATTERSON. 33rd/35th Battalion. Farmer/Labourer, Inverell. N.S.W.

852 Private: Ernest Albert PAUL. 33rd Battalion. Labourer, Coonabarabran, N.S.W.

859. Private: John Ray NOWLAND. 34th Battalion. Carpenter, East Maitland/Cessnock, N.S.W.

869. Private: Arthur Charles PAYNE. M.M. 34th Battalion. Labourer, Raworth via Morpeth, N.S.W.

876. Private: Edgar "Ted" SMITH. + 36th Battalion. (C Company, No:12 Platoon) School Teacher, Alexandria, N.S.W.

911. Lance Corporal: John Thomas WYNN. + 33rd Battalion. Farm Labourer. Pallamallawa, Moree. N.S.W.

926. Private: Ernest WILLIAMS. 35th Battalion. Labourer, East Greta. N.S.W.

934. Private: Joseph WALKER. 35th Battalion. Coal Miner, Kurri Kurri, N.S.W.

1063. Lieutenant: Arthur BAILLIE. 34th Battalion. Law Clerk, Cessnock, N.S.W.

1087. Private: George Vivian CARNEY. 33rd Battalion. Farm Labourer, Bald Knob, Glenn Innes. N.S.W.

1098. Private: Athol CORDELL. 35th Battalion. Coal Miner, Branxton. N.S.W.

1108. Private: Alfred Joseph ENGLISH. 36th Battalion. Labourer, Newcastle. N.S.W.

1112. Private: Wilfred DENTON. 35th Battalion. Adamstown. N.S.W.

1120. Private: Percy William GARDNER. + 36th Battalion. Labourer, Coramba via Coffs Harbour, N.S.W.

1124. Lieutenant: William Henry GLOSSOP. + M.M. (D Company) Engineman, Aberdare, N.S.W.

1132. Private: James GRAY. + Labourer, BHP. Carrington, N.S.W.

1138. Private: Sidney Norman HARTS. 36th Battalion. Warder, Stockton, N.S.W.

1144. Private: Thomas Harry HATCHER. + 34th Battalion. Clipper, Branxton. N.S.W.

1152. Private: Arthur Oscar HARVEY.+ M.M. 34th Battalion. Carpenter, Scone. N.S.W.

1154. Private: Albert JONES. + 35th Battalion. Carpenter, Newcastle, N.S.W. (Ref: 1430 JONES)

1155. Private: Clifford Arthur JACOBS. 35th Battalion. Labourer, Branxton. N.S.W.

1156. Lance Sergeant: Robert Tucker JORDAN. 34th Battalion. Labourer. Green Arm via Merriwa. N.S.W.

1157. Private: Percy JARVIS. 35th Battalion. Coal Miner, Lambton. N.S.W.

1173. Driver: Dumott William MASON. 36th Battalion. Labourer, Coffs Harbour. N.S.W.

1182. Private:  Andrew "Curly" Richard MUIR. Labourer, Harrington on the Manning River, N.S.W.

1200. Private: Alfred Henry MULHOLLAND. 33rd Battalion. Labourer, Armidale, N.S.W.

1213. Private: John PYNE. (D Company) 35th Battalion. Coal Miner, Cessnock, N.S.W.

1237. Lance Corporal: Herman SIEBELINK. 36th Battalion. Fireman, Newcastle. N.S.W.

1238. Private: Abraham Parker SLATER. 36th Battalion. Labourer, Tighes Hill. N.S.W.

1265. Lance Corporal: Ernest James WHEATLEY. 34th Battalion. Billiard Maker, Cessnock, N.S.W.

1430. Private: Albert JONES. + 35th Battalion. Carpenter, Newcastle, N.S.W.

1452. Private: James Justin McCARTHY. 34th Battalion. Photographer, Coopernooke, N.S.W.

1456. Private: Clyde CAREY. 34th Battalion. Carpenter, Newcastle, N.S.W.

1494. Lance Corporal: George Harold RAINGER. 33rd Battalion. Farmer, Little Plain via Inverell, N.S.W.

1498. Driver: Stanley Clifford "Snowy" WALSH. + 34th Battalion. Salesman, Paddington. N.S.W.

1503. Private: Edmund Young Edgar SLATER.+ 35th Battalion. Labourer, Tighes Hill/Newcastle. N.S.W.

1549. Private: Charles John THOMPSON. + 34th Battalion. West Maitland. N.S.W.

1582. Private: Robert MILLER. 33rd Battalion. Motor Driver, Warialda, N.S.W.

1714. Lieutenant: Francis BORROWS. 35th Battalion. Clerk, Sydney. N.S.W.

1729. Lieutenant: Robert Cubert YOUNG. 35th Battalion. Clerk, Plantation Overseer. Papua New Guinea.

1816. Corporal: Percival Ernest HEAD. 35th Battalion. Steel Dresser, Sydney, N.S.W.

1816. Private: Herbert DAVIDSON. 33rd Battalion. Dogman, Rozelle, N.S.W.

1831. Private: William MOODY. 35th Battalion. Pony Trainer, Zetland, N.S.W.

1836. Lance Corporal: William Lilburn MITCHELL. Casemaker, Ultimo, Sydney, N.S.W.

1844. Private: Edmond Vere PURCELL. 35th Battalion. Jockey Randwick, N.S.W

1852. Private: George MILLER. 34th Battalion. Shorthand Typist/Clerk, West Maitland, N.S.W.

1873. Private: Samuel ALEXANDER. 34th Battalion. Farmer, Kiama. N.S.W.

1875. Private: George MUSTEY. 34th Battalion. Horse Trainer, Blackboy Hill, Western Australia.

1877. Private: Robert Charles MILLER. 33rd Battalion. Clothier, Armidale. N.S.W.

1915. Private: Albert Orchard WARNCKEN. + 35th Battalion. Gardender, Bordertown, South Australia.

1918. Private: Joel TREWEEK. + 44th-34th Battalion. Engine Driver, Blackboy Hill, Western Australia.

1924a. Private: Charles Ross Cresdee WHITTLE. 35th Battalion. Farrier, Exeter, South Australia.

1931a. Lance Corporal: Thomas Walter FIDGE. 35th Battalion. Carrier, Bute, South Australia.

1935. Private: William Arthur PATTERSON. 33rd/35th Battalion. Farmer/Labourer, Inverell. N.S.W.

1938. Private: George William LEWIS.+ 13th/34th Battalion. Yardsman, Parramatta, N.S.W.

1940. Private: Thomas WOLFE. 33rd Battalion. Coal Miner, Armidale, N.S.W.

1946. Private: Wilfred George CASTLE.+ 35th Battalion. Coal Miner, Newcastle, N.S.W.

1951. Private: Robert "Bertie" WILSON. 36th-33rd Battalion. Labourer, Erskinville, N.S.W.

1958. Private: Albert Kimberley GILL 36th-33rd Battalion. Plumber, Newcastle, N.S.W.

2035. Private: John BEECH. 34th Battalion. Labourer/Cook, Milsons Point. N.S.W.

2045. Driver: Harry CARPENTER. 34th Battalion. Farmer, Tarro. N.S.W.

2059. Private: Roland Bernard ELLIOTT. 36th-33rd Battalion. Fettler, Aberbeen. N.S.W.

2063. Private: Albert James DONOVAN. 35th Battalion. Labourer, Pyrmont. N.S.W.

2066. Private: Wentworth Lincon EAST. 35th Battalion. Farmer,Kiama. N.S.W.

2082. Motor Driver: John HOGG. 36th Battalion. Motor Expert, Redfern, Sydney, N.S.W.

2085. Private: George HAMMOND. 35th Battalion. Trainee Butcher, Cathcart. N.S.W.

2092. Private: John LONSDALE. 33rd Battalion. Motor Driver and Miner, Tingha N.S.W

2121. Private: Leonard Harold ROBINSON. 36th Battalion. Milk Carter, Waverley, N.S.W. (Amputee)

2133. Temporary Sergeant: Henry RANDALL. 35th Battalion. Coal Miner, Weston. N.S.W.

2135. Sergeant: John PAGE.+ M.M. 34th Battalion. Contractor, Walgett, N.S.W.

2143 Private: Harry Lancelot TODD. 33rd Battalion. Confectioner, Surry Hills N.S.W.

2155. Extra Regimental Sergeant: Herbert Harris SHAW. 35th Battalion. Photographer, Waverley, N.S.W.

2156. Private: Henry Archibald TAYLOR. 35th Battalion. Plumber, Alexandria via Sydney, N.S.W.

2169. Sergeant: Gilbert WALTERS. M.M. 35th Battalion. Railway Worker, Meadow Bank, N.S.W.

2179. Private: Denis "Denny" SHERRY. 36th Battalion. Aboriginal Labourer, Gladstone, Macley River via Kempsey. N.S.W.

2188. Private: James HEFNER.+ 35th Battalion. Wallsend. N.S.W.

2276. Private: John Bertram BUCHANAN.+ (D Company) 36th Battalion. Labourer, Coffs Harbour, N.S.W.

2277. Private: Robert Douglas BREESE. 34th Battalion. Labourer, Islington. N.S.W.

2281. Private: Robert Douglas BREESE. 36th-34th Battalion. Railway Employee, Shannon Vale, Manning River. N.S.W.

2285. Private: Frederick BROWN. 33rd Battalion. Shearer, Inverell, N.S.W.

2287. Private: Thomas CARLYON. 36th-33rd Battalion. Labourer, Surry Hills. N.S.W.

2301. Private: Leslie Spencer George FIELD. 36th Battalion. Smelter Worker, Boolaroo, N.S.W.

2314. William Cecil HICKEY. 35th Battalion. Carpenter,Forest Lodge, Wongwibinda, N.S.W.  

2318. Lance Corporal: Roy Albert HAMILTON. 34th Battalion. Farmer, Singleton, N.S.W.

2322. Private: James Peter GRANT. + 35th Battalion. Surveyor, Darlinghurst, N.S.W.

2327. Private: Walter HOAD. 34th Battalion. Stockman, Knorrit Flat via Wingham, N.S.W.

2329. Private: John Arthur HOY. 34th Battalion. Labourer, Walcha, N.S.W.

2350. Private: William James MARTIN. 35th Battalion. Labourer, Bowning, N.S.W.

2405. Corporal: Alister WHITE. + 36th Battalion. Clerk, Fivedock, N.S.W.

2435. Lance Corporal: Walter George YORK. (Headquarters 35th Battalion Signals) Railway Cleaner, West Maitland, N.S.W.

2530. Private: Cecil William "Buck" BUCKLEY. + 35th Battalion. Labourer, Bow Green via, Merriwa, N.S.W.

2538. Private: Bert COOPER. (C Company) 33rd Battalion. Farmer, Jerseyville, Macleay River, N.S.W.

2565. Private: Frank DENINGTON. + 35th Battalion. Chauffeur, Kurri Kurri. N.S.W.

2566. Private: Herbert Henry FROST. 34th Battalion. Horse Trainer, Teralba. N.S.W.

2568. Private: Victor John Allan DICKSON. 35th Battalion. Painter, Scone. N.S.W.

2570. Private: Augustine George GRIME. 36th Battalion. Labourer, Cessnock, N.S.W.

2578. Private: Denis Patrick FOSTER. 35th Battalion. Labourer, Woollarha. N.S.W.

2589. Private: William John JACKSON. Teamster, Muswellbrook, N.S.W.

2597. Lance Corporal: John Henry JOHNSTON. Engine Driver, West Maitland, N.S.W.

2608 Private: Leslie McGUINNESS. (A Company) 33rd Battalion. Dental Mechanic, Kempsey, N.S.W.

2623. Private: William LAMB. + 35th Battalion. Wheeler, Cessnock, N.S.W

2637. Private: Eugene O'KEEFFE. 36th Battalion. Fruit Merchant, Murwillumbah, N.S.W.

2652. Private: Frederick Alexander RICHTER. 35th Battalion. Carpenter, Fullerton Cove. N.S.W.

2670. Private: George Stephen UPTON. + 34th Battalion. Farmer, Anna Bay. N.S.W.

2682. Private: Frederick Bernard WALKER. + 36th Battalion. Messenger, N.S.W. Parliament House, Botany ,N.S.W.

2686. Private: William John Cameron WILSON. 33rd Battalion. Farmer, Rose Bay, N.S.W.

2768. Private: John Leslie CAMPBELL. 33rd Battalion. Overseer, Bourke, N.S.W.

2773. Extra Regimental Sergeant: Patrick Edward BEHAN. 35th Battalion. Salesman, Wagga Wagga. N.S.W.

2776. Private: William DRISCOLL. 33rd Battalion. Farm Labourer, Wilcannia, N.S.W.

2814. Private: William Cecil HICKEY. 35th Battalion. Carpenter, Forest Lodge, Wongwibinda, N.S.W.

2838. Private: William Burns PEBERDY. Carpenter, Canterbury, N.S.W.

2915. Private: Frederick James DEARING. +  35th Battalion. Pastry Cook. Paddington via Sydney, N.S.W.

2916. Private: Neville Dacre WILKINSON. + 33rd Battalion. Sydney, N.S.W.

2921. Private: Edmund Clarence Clement HUNT. 34th Battalion. Patternmaker, N.S.W. (Canadian)

2930 Corporal: George HOUSTON. + Metal Worker, Stockton, N.S.W.

3007. Private: William Arnold ARKINS. + 33rd Battalion. School Teacher, South Cowra, N.S.W.

3007. Private: Owen Egune AMOS. + 36th/33rd Battalion. Engineering Draughtsman. Auchenflower, QLD.

3010. Private: Charles BUCHANAN. 34th Battalion. Groom, Surry Hills. N.S.W.

3094. Private: Eric MOSS. 35th Battalion. Electrician, Petersham, N.S.W.

3105. Sergeant: William Scott Murray FINDLAY. 35th Battalion. Miner, Holmesville via West Wallsend, N.S.W.

3116. Private: Dudley Maxwell STEWART. 34th Battalion. Blacksmith, Taree. N.S.W.

3127. Private/Driver Allan Gordon Stanley SPARK. Musician, Sydney, N.S.W.

3152. Motor Driver: George William Basil McCONACHY. 33rd Battalion. Motor-Driver, Holbrook. N.S.W.

3157. Private: Albert Victor HARRIS. 35th Battalion. Buyer, Sydney. N.S.W.

3169. Lance Sergeant: Robert Law JONES. 35th Battalion. Stenographer, Manly. N.S.W.

3175. Private: William DOWNEY. 35th Battalion. Station Hand, St Peters. N.S.W.

3268. Private: Ernest BARBER. 33rd Battalion. Painter, Salt Pan, Bankstown. N.S.W.

3297. Private: Arthur Roy ETHERINGTON. 35th Battalion. Salesman, Paddington. N.S.W.

3304. Private: Frank William GIBSON. 34th Battalion. Jeweller, Temora, N.S.W.

3306. Private: Leonard Nelson FOY. 36th Battalion. Motor Driver, South Randwick, N.S.W.

3319. Private: Walter James Gilbert HORSLEY. 34th Battalion. Carter, Goat Island, Sydney Harbour, N.S.W.

3320. Private: Arthur James HALL. 34th Battalion. Driller, Warren, N.S.W.

3341. Private: Walter John LONGFORD. 34th Battalion. Labourer, Millers Point, Sydney, N.S.W.

3345. Private: Andrew MURPHY. Cleaner, 34th Battalion. Newtown via Sydney, N.S.W.

3367. Private: William Joseph RANDALL. 35th Battalion. Fuelman, Lithgow, N.S.W.

3372. Private: Alfred Frederick EASSON. 35th Battalion. Platelayer, Campsie, N.S.W.

3379. Private: Charles Alexander SUMMERRELL. 33rd Battalion. Brick Maker, Camperdown, N.S.W.

3389A Private: William Robert THORNE. 35th/33rd Battalion. Blacksmith, Inverell, N.S.W.

3392. Private: Albert George WOODEN.   36th Battalion.  Labourer, Redfern, N.S.W.

3396. Private: Fenton Victor WHITHAM. 33rd Battalion. Engineer, Waterloo, N.S.W.

3690. Private: William ROWE. 33rd Battalion. Salesman, Darlinghurst, Sydney, N.S.W.

3692. Private: Denis O'CONNELL 36th Battalion. N.S.W. Labourer, Queanbeyan, N.S.W. (439 Denis O'Connell) N&MEF

3768. Private: Samuel John MOORE. + 35th Battalion. Labourer, Gloucester, N.S.W.

3821. Private: James DOUGLAS. 33rd Battalion. Labourer, Sandringham, N.S.W.

3996. Second Lieutenant: Lester Phillip BIDDULPH. 34th/35th Battalion. Farmer. Canowindra, N.S.W.

4565. Private: Harry LITTLE. 36th Battalion. Labourer, Pleasent Hill via Lockhart. N.S.W.

4615. Private: John THOMAS. 35th Battalion. Electrical Engineer, Wagga Wagga, N.S.W.

4888. Private: Robert BURNS. 35th Battalion. Labourer, Newcasle. N.S.W.

5021. 2nd Lieutenant: William Rees REYNOLDS. 1st Hosptital Ship-33rd Battalion. Farmer, Bondi, N.S.W.

5025. Private: George Henry GREEN. 33rd Battalion. Labourer, Hargraves, N.S.W.

5026. Private: Joseph Edwin HALLS. 33rd Battalion. Labourer, Clerkenwell, England.

5067. Private: George CLYMER. 34th Battalion. Storeman, Balmain. N.S.W.

5075. Orderly Room Sergeant: Frederick Harry QUINLAN. 33rd Battalion. Hotel Manager, Bondi. N.S.W.

5084a. Lance Corporal: Charles Neal RICHARDSON. M.M & Bar 36th-33rd Battalion. Horse Breaker, Leichardt, N.S.W.

6396. Private: Fenton Victor WHITHAM. 33rd Battalion. Engineer, Waterloo, N.S.W

6398. Private: Frederick Reginald SELLS. 35th Battalion. Labourer, Cootamundra, N.S.W.

6664. Private: Frank Edward SMITH. 35th Battalion. Motor Driver, Manly. N.S.W. Batman to Major: Henry Vince CARR.

6788. Private: Harold Sydney DAWBARN. 35th Battalion.

6800. Private: Alfred FRANKS. +  19th-35th Battalion. Shop Assistant, Murwillumbah, N.S.W 

6804A. Private: Frederick Leslie McDONALD. 35th Battalion. Drover, N.S.W.

6892. Private: James TELFER. 19th-34th Battalion. Painter, Newcastle,  N.S.W.

6991. Private: John Austin GEORGE. 34th Battalion. Farmer, Wellington. N.S.W.

7036. Private: John Sanson MIDDLETON. 13th-34th Battalion. Marine Engineer, Neutral Bay, N.S.W.

7065. Private: Reginald William GARDNER. + 34th Battalion. Seaman, Redfern. N.S.W.

7196. Acting Corporal: William Holcroft BROCKLEBANK. 36th Battalion.

7227. Private: Cecil Henry CURTIS. 35th Battalion. Shop Assistant, Petersham. N.S.W.

7266. Private: Ernest JAMES. 35th Battalion. Under Construction

7317. Private: Arthur James SULLIVAN. 35th Battalion. Labourer, Paddington. N.S.W.

7518. Stanmore Robert Stace PLUMMER. 34th Battalion. Farmer, South West Rocks, N.S.W.

7532. Private: Bertrand John SCOTT. 34th Battalion. Bottle Filler, Sydney. N.S.W.

7533. Private: Walter Godfrey SMITH. + 34th Battalion. Labourer, Carcoar. N.S.W.

7757. Private: William HOURIGAN. 35th Battalion. Labourer, Towridge via Corrimal. N.S.W.

7765. Temporary Sergeant: Ernest Sturley MOIRESON. 35th Battalion. Printer, Liverpool, N.S.W. (Fijian) ( ref: 134. Private: MOIRESON. 36th Battalion.)

7824. Private: Albert Edward SPRY. 34th Battalion. Labourer, Wagga Wagga. N.S.W.

20031. Sapper/Private: Boyce Dunsford RIGNEY. 35th Battalion. Salesman, Sydney, N.S.W.

50865. Private: James FREEMAN. 35th Battalion. Labourer, Balmain, N.S.W.

50912. Private: Cyril Edgar MADDOX. 35th Battalion. Labourer, Guerie, N.S.W.

50947. Private: Hilton Claude STEWART.  35th Battalion. Clerk, Singleton, N.S.W.

54018. Lance Corporal: William OAKMAN. 33rd Battalion. Carter, Erskinville, N.S.W.

54151. Private: John Edward BROWN. 33rd Battalion. Wheeler, Thirroul, N.S.W.

54253. Private: Robert Holsworth NEALE. 34th Battalion. Houseman, Darlinghurst, N.S.W.

54470. Private: Sidney Alfred MATTRESS. 35th Battalion. Pay Clerk, Epping, N.S.W.

54497. Private: John ROBERTSON. 34th Battalion. Iron Worker, Darlinghurst, N.S.W.

54716. Private: John MCGILL. 35th Battalion. Coal Miner, Wollongong, N.S.W.

58954. Private: Ernest HOWARD. 34th Battalion. Steward, Bankstown, N.S.W. (Mercantile Marine)

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