14th Infantry (Hunter River)

14th INFANTRY REGIMENT. (Hunter River)

Pre Word War One

"Compulsory Military Training Scheme that was introduced in 1910, which was directly responsible for expanding the Citizens Forces by up to 50 percent in the three years prior to the outbreak of World War I. Undoubtedly, the scheme proved to have numerous benefits, as many of these youths went on to serve in the First AIF during World War I and the expanded organisation allowed citizens forces officers more experience in commanding formed bodies of men. However, it was the main factors contributing to the decision to recruit the AIF on the basis of voluntary enlistment. Because the army in 1914 was largely made up of young men aged between 19 and 21 who had been enlisted under this scheme, and due to the provisions of the Defense Act that precluded sending conscripts overseas, upon the outbreak of the war it was necessary for the Australian government to raise a separate force, outside of the Citizens Forces organisation for service overseas."


"A" Company; Armidale, Hillgrove, Uralla. "B" Company; West Maitland. "C" Company; Singleton, Scone, Muswellbrook. "D" Company; East Maitland, Morpeth, Raymond Terrace. "E" Company; Kurri Kurri, Weston, Abermain, Cessnock. "F" Company; Tamworth, Quirindi, Gunnedah. "G" Company; Glen Innes, Tenterfield, Inverell, Narrabri, Moree. "H" Company; West Maitland, East Greta, Dungog, Greta, Branxton.

Captain: Clarence Smith JEFFRIES. + V.C. Colliery Survey Manager. Abermain. N.S.W. (E Company-14th Infantry)

Captain: Ray WOLSTENHOLME. (C Company) Clerk, West Maitland, N.S.W.

Lieutenant: James Clement BURGES. + French Master, East Maitland High School, N.S.W. Commanding Officer 14th Infantry 1911-1916. Captained the Winning Company, Senior Cadets,  Brigade Championship, 1911-12, 1912-13

Lieutenant: 777 George Edward HODGES. Coal Miner, Cessnock, N.S.W. (E Company 14th Infantry)

Lieutenant: 530 James Adam PURCELL. Coal Miner, Neath via Cessnock, N.S.W. ( E Company - 14th Infantry)

Lieutenant: 917 Thomas WILLIAMS. Clerk from Stanford Merthry, N.S.W  (14th Infantry)

Lieutenant: 2181 Rex Bernard YORK. Storeman, Singleton, N.S.W. (C Company-14th Infantry)

2nd Lieutenant: 1124 William Henry GLOSSOP. + M.M. (E Company-14th Infantry) Engineman, Aberdare, N.S.W.

Armourer Sergeant: 817 Albert Edward KIRK. Cessnock, N.S.W. (E Company 14th Infantry)

Sergeant: 1073 John BAILLIE. M.S.M. Law Clerk, Cessnock. N.S.W. (E Company-14th Infantry)

Sergeant: 1117 Alfred George ELLIS. Labourer, Abernathy, N.S.W. (H Company-14th Infantry)

Sergeant: 2313 Michael James GLEESON. Wharf Labourer, Carrington, N.S.W. (14th Infantry)

Sergeant: 2336 George Ross JOHNSTON. Iron Monger, West Maitland, N.S.W. (C Company-14th Infantry)

Sergeant: 1197 Andrew McCALLUM. M.M. Aberdare, N.S.W. (14th Infantry)

Sergeant: 1286 Michael NEYLON. Labourer, East Maitland, N.S.W. (D Company-14th Infantry)

Sergeant: 552 Thomas SCOTT. Labourer, Abermain, N.S.W. (E Company-14th Infantry)

Sergeant: 2170 John Vincent TWOMEY. M.M. Painter, Singleton, N.S.W. (C Company-14th Infantry)

Sergeant: 1272 Frederick Joseph WORRAD. Railway Porter, Scone, N.S.W. (C Company-14th Infantry)

Corporal: 74 Thomas GILMOUR. Bricklayer, West Maitland, N.S.W. (B Company-14th Infantry)

Corporal: 497 William Geoffrey MORAN. Mine Fireman, East Maitland, N.S.W. (D Company-14th Infantry)

Lance Corporal: 1090 Matthew CARROLL. Carpenter, Cessnock, N.S.W. ( E Company - 14th Infantry)

Lance Corporal: 2435 Walter George YORK. Railway Cleaner, West Maitland, N.S.W. (B Company-14th Infantry)

Lance Corporal: 926 John Buchanan YOUNG.+ Labourer, Weston, N.S.W. (E Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 1783 Frederick Clarence ABRAMS. Carpenter, West Maitland, N.S.W. (B Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 11898 Kenneth Samuel ALLEN. Traveler, Cessnock, N.S.W. (E Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 1053 Clyde ANDERSON. (14th Infantry)

Private: 5119 Hubert BLACKWELL. West Maitland, N.S.W. (B Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 2524 Eric Sinclair BOSWORTH. Dungog, N.S.W. (H Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 1792 Eric Roy BOURKE. Singleton, N.S.W. (C Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 1793 Arthur Stanton BOWD. Scone, N.S.W. (C Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 3017 Walter BUTTON. (14th Infantry)

Private: 1801 Albert Joseph CLARK. + Bootmaker, Muswellbrook. N.S.W. (C Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 388 Charles Percy COULTON. + Wheeler, East Greta N.S.W. (H Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 742 Clifford Reginal DAVIES. + Labourer, Cessnock, N.S.W. (E Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 745 Alfred DIFFORD. Labourer, Weston, N.S.W. ( E Company - 14th Infantry)

Private: 80 Arthur Edward GUILE. Shift man, Pelaw Main, N.S.W. (14th Infantry)

Private: 81 Reginald James HACKETT. Dealer, Horse Shoe Bend, N.S.W. (B Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 6342 Archibald HARDEN. Butcher, Cessnock, N.S.W. (E Company 14th Infantry)

Private: 456 Alexander Roy HATCHER. + Wheeler, Branxton. N.S.W. (H Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 457 Mervyn Clarence HATCHER. Wheeler, Branxton. N.S.W. (H Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 1144 Thomas Harry HATCHER. + Wheeler, Branxton. N.S.W. (H Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 787 Richard HILL jnr. + Labourer, Aberdare, N.S.W. (E Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 1147 Kenneth Euen Livingstone HORDER. Coal Miner, Cessnock. N.S.W. (E Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 2584 Alfred William Charles HUGHES. Shop Boy, East Maitland, N.S.W. (D Company Senior Cadets)

Private: 2166 John HUSBAND. Wheeler, Aberdare. N.S.W. (E Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 800 William Ernest JARVIS. M.M. Labourer, Weston, N.S.W. (E Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 853 William MCKERSIE. Labourer, Carrington, N.S.W. (14th Infantry)

Private 859 John Melville NORTHEY. Labourer, Kurri Kurri, N.S.W. (14th Infantry)

Private: 859 John Ray NOWLAND. Carpenter, Fry Brother at Cessnock, N.S.W. (D Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 875 James Geoffrey PARKER. + Miner, Kurri, Kurri, N.S.W. (E Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 1228a Albert Raymond RECKENBERG. Bushman, Abermain, N.S.W. (E Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 3185 Charles SAMPSON.  Gardener, Newtown, N.S.W. (14th Infantry)

Private: 1239 Thomas William SMITH.  Coal Miner, Kurri Kurri, N.S.W. (E Company-14th Infantry) 

Private: 562 Joseph William SPEARS. Hairdresser, Kurri Kurri, N.S.W. ( E Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 2159 Robert Edward James SPINKS. Wheeler, Singleton, N.S.W. (A Company-14th Infantry)

Private: 908 Charles Herbert TAYLOR. Junior Porter, West Maitland N.S.W. (B Company-14th Infantry)


Senior Cadet: F Pierce. (14th Infantry)


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