Private: 5008 Francis Patrick DOLLING.



Private: 5008 Francis Patrick DOLLING.

Born: 1879. Waverley, New South Wales, Australia. Birth Cert:

Married: 1902. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Marriage Cert:8117/1902.

Wife 1: Harriett Matilda Dolling. nee: Hall. (18..-1971) Died at Ryde, N.S.W. Death Cert:45027/1971.

Wife 2:  Ethel May Dolling. nee: Liddicoat. (Aboriginal) (18..-1970) Died at St Leonards, N.S.W. Death Cert:18824/1970.

(Father Andrew Michael . Mother Janet)

Died: 7th March 1951. Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia. Death Cert:828/1951.

Father: John Dolling.

Mother: Catherine Dolling.


Francis Patrick Dolling enlisted with the 13th Reinforcements, 20th Battalion AIF

Wounded in Action on the 9th October 1917 at Passchendaele.


returned to Australia on the 11th December 1918 and was discharged from the AIF on the 20th April 1919.

Family Information

Francis was a married 37 year old Carter from "Doris" Brown Street, Waverley, N.S.W. upon enlistment with the AIF.

On the 15th September 1951 Harriett requested a War Widow's Badge after Francis passed away on the 7th of March. Her request was denied as the War Widows Badge was no longer being issued.


Starting from the 1903-4 ERs - Francis Patrick DOLLING is living at 1 Prospect Street, WAVERLEY NSW - Carter. Living with him were James - Stonemason, John - independnet means and Robert - Letter sorter.

1913 ERs - Francis Patrick DOLLING now living at Brown Street WAVERLEY - Carter and with him is Harriett Matilda - Domestic Duties.

1930 ERs - Francis Patrick DOLLING is now living at 257 Penshurst Street, CHATSWOOD NSW - nil occupation - wife Harriett is not with him.

1931, 32, 36, 37 ERs - Francis Patrick DOLLING is now living at SPENCER NSW - Labourer - on his own.

1949 ERs - Francis Patrick DOLLING is still at SPENCER - Labourer but is now joined by Ethel May - Home Duties.

We can safely say that somewhere between the 1913 ERs and the 1930 ERs (none showing fir either of them inbetween) Francis and Harriett separated.

1930, 31,  ERs - Harriett Matilda DOLLING is living at Thiepval, Hincks Street, MAROUBRA NORTH - Home Duties.

1933, 34, 35, 36, 43, 49 ERs - the address now changes to 8 Hincks Street, MAROUBRA NORTH - Home Duties.

On the 1932 ERs - living at 8 Hincks Street MAROUBRA NORTH was an Elizabeth Maude MATEER - Home Duties

On the 1930, 33 & 1936 ERs living at the same address was a Charles James LENNARD - Labourer. Could he have been a boarder or a defacto?

He then married in 1939:

Charles James Lennard in the Australia, Marriage Index, 1788-1950
Name: Charles James Lennard
Spouse Name: Edna Lewis
Marriage Date: 1939
Marriage Place: New South Wales
Registration Place: Waverley, New South Wales
Registration Year: 1939
Registration Number: 11776

Charles James Lennard in the Sydney, Australia, Anglican Parish Registers, 1814-2011
Name: Charles James Lennard
Gender: Male
Marriage Age: 44
Event Type: Marriage
Birth Date: abt 1895
Marriage Date: 10 May 1939
Marriage Place: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Parish as it Appears: Waverley St Barnabas
Father: Phillip John Lennard
Mother: Mary Lennard
Spouse: Edna Lewis

1954, 58 ERs - Harriett Matilda DOLLING has now moved to 2 Winspear Avenue, BANKSTOWN, NSW - Home Duties.

1963, 68 ERs - address changes to 2 B Winspear Avenue BANKSTOWN, NSW

JOSEPH (Father)
(Source: ... /result?41)



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 May 24th, 2018, 3:53 am #39

Jenn,  Looks like there are omissions in those electoral rolls as Ethel was living with him in 1930 - maybe she hadn't registered her details - funny that she doesn't show up until 1949 ERs

I will ask his grandson if he knows where Frank is buried - there is mention of him on some site as a plaque in the Garden of Remembrance so presuming that might be Rookwood?

I know other family is buried at Waverley cemetery

I am doing his RSL war profile and wanted to fill in some missing details - Steves father was Franks stepson



 May 24th, 2018, 4:10 am #40


Those with plaques in the Garden of Remembrance at Rookwood doesn't mean they or their ashes are also buried there. My father has a plaque there but he was cremated and his ashes interred at Woronora Cemetery.
https://www.warmemorialsregister.nsw.go ... e-rookwood ... emembrance


Hi Liz,

Up until the 1937 ERs - Ethel May was registered as Ethel may LIDDICOAT,

1930 ERs - Ethel May LIDDICOAT is living at 251 Penshurst Street, CHATSWOOD (same address as Francis Patrick DOLLING).

1936 & 37 ERs - she is living at SPENCER, NSW - so she was with Francis Patrick DOLLING but using her previous name.

They are not listed on 1943 ERs so that is why she eventually turns up as Ethel May DOLLING on the 1949 ERs.



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 May 24th, 2018, 2:35 pm #42

Hi All,
bit of info..Name:  Francis Patrick Dolling
Age:       37
Birth Year:           abt 1877
Birth Place:         Sydney, New South Wales
Dossier Year Range:        1914-1920
Enlistment Place:             Liverpool, New South Wales
Service Number:              5008
Spouse:                Harriott Matilda DollingName:  Francis P Dolling
Spouse Name:  Harriett M Hall
Marriage Date:  1902
Marriage Place: New South Wales
Registration Place:           Sydney, New South Wales
Registration Year:            1902
Registration Number:    8117SMH – Tue 14 Oct 102
DOLLING-HALL.—October 8, 1902, by the Rev. G.
Hay, Francis Patrick, fifth son of John Edward Dolling, of Waverley, to Harriet Matilda, third daughter of Joseph Hall, of Inverell.Their daughter Doris Mildred Dolling b 1901 married Henry Joseph Hall 15 May 1922
Name:  Doris Mildred Dolling
Gender:               Female
Marriage Age:   21
Event Type:        Marriage
Birth Date:          abt 1901
Marriage Date:  15 May 1922
Marriage Place: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Parish as it Appears:       Surry Hills St David
Father: Francis Patrick Dolling
Mother:               Harriet Matilda Dolling
Spouse:                Henry Joseph HallHenry has a service record..
HALL HENRY JOSEPH : Service Number - 12597 : Date of birth - 23 Jun 1899 : Place of birth - NARRABRI NSW : Place of enlistment - SYDNEY : Next of Kin – DORISDeath for Ethel - Ryerson
DOLLING              Ethel May            Death notice      12APR1970          Death                    late of Mooney Mooney and Spencer                Sydney Morning Herald                18APR1970



 May 24th, 2018, 3:06 pm #43

Ethel May DOLLING's death and funeral notices that Val noted, published SMH 18 April 1970.
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 May 24th, 2018, 3:10 pm #44

Kerrie,  Thanks for the info on the Wall of Remembrance - seeing as he didn't die until 1951 would he only have that plaque if they had considered that his health had been badly affected by the war?
He was discharged in 1919 and was in a bad way so we have been told - I found his wife Harriet was getting some sort of pension after he returned home (listed on NAA) - she had one child
His other two children to Ethel were refused benefits
Harriet also applied for a widows badge in 1951Liz


 May 24th, 2018, 3:19 pm #45

Hi Liz,

It seems that Frank & Harriett never got around to divorcing - hence she was able to claim the DVA Pension and the Widow's Badge.

My father was deemed to have died from a war related condition in 1972. Whilst he is buried in the Lakeside Memorial Park just south of WOLLONGONG - he also has a War Graves Commission Plaque on the Wall at ROOKWOOD. The War Graves Commission also paid for his plaque in the lawn cemetery at Lakeside.





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